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    Earth Bound Tours was established to give our guest an experience that fills all five sense. Our mission is to take you deep into Hawaii AgriCultural history and share with you the the cultures of this melting pot have blended into the world finest cuisine. Yes, we do offer Hawaii in the traditional way with multiple island excursions and day trips that include all that Hawaii has to offer. But EBT wants to take you beyond the norm and into the culture. We take you from being the spectator sitting on a coach too getting your hands dirty from pulling Taro (kalo) from the ground. Learning how it was grown, what cultural significance did it have, how is it shared. We want you to taste it, smell it, feel it, see all that takes to bring that fruit to harvest. All this is done by meeting the real people (farmers) behind the best restaurants. We’ll take you into the farms and then onto the tables of Hawaii finest chefs.

    EBT owners Jim & Tracy Reddekopp founded the Hawaiian Vanilla Co. which starting creating memorable culinary events on their farm five years ago. Since then we have seen they way these experiences touch our guest live and create memories of a lifetime. “Whenever we travel we focus on the food, our vacations are planned around our dining experiences” says Jim Reddekopp EBT founder. “We love spending the day visiting purveyors, then having an incredible meal with a bottle of wine. Something special happen when you share a meal and a glass of wine with new friends.”

    We hope to share one of these experiences with you someday soon.

    Jim & Tracy Reddekopp

    Co Founders Earth Bound Tours

    Please understand these tours that follow these pages are for groups larger than 20 guest.

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