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  • Hawaiian Vanilla Company

    The Hawaiian Vanilla Company – Owned by Jim and Tracy Reddekopp, has been cultivating vanilla on the Hamakua Coast of Hawai`i island since 1989.

    The Hawaiian Vanilla Co. holds the distinction of being the only commercial vanilla farm in the United States. Owned by Jim and Tracy Reddekopp, the company has been cultivating vanilla on the Hamakua Coast of Hawai`i island since 1989 and creates a line of vanilla products by hand in its vanilla kitchen.

    Vanilla is produced by a type of orchid that forms vanilla bean pods and requires careful hand pollination. These orchids bloom only one day per year for a few short hours, and pollination does not necessarily guarantee that vanilla pods will form, which require eight to nine months to mature. This explains why vanilla is the second most expensive spice in the world.

    Among the company’s products are gourmet vanilla beans; pure vanilla extract; sugar; lilikoi, chocolate and toffee dessert toppings; champagne, balsamic and lilikoi salad dressings; home fragrance; lip balm; estate grown coffee; black tea; beauty care products; and farm and garden skin care products.

    “A labor of love from our farm to you, that’s aloha!” says Jim Reddekopp. “Quality means hand picked, hand packed by our family — that’s quality.”

    Hawaiian Vanilla offers tours, a tea brunch, a “vanilla experience” gourmet lunch and vanilla tastings. The farm also offers seminars, cultivation classes and vanilla production workshops.

    Products are available through the company’s web site, www.hawaiianvanilla.com.

    Courtesy the Hawaii Dept of Agriculture.