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    Scotland – On a recent Earth Bound  journey to my mother land we sailed on the lake of Lockness. I really wasn’t sure what I would see, the myth, the legend was all around us. We had a private charter with about 40 guest on board. The weather was perfect and the opportunity to see Nessy was a sure thing. On board, we watched the sonar depth reveal the mass caverns and steep cliffs where anything of great size could hide. Its made us think is it real? The water was so dark, the air a slight chill. The moss that grew on the cliffs above the lake seemed so old. If there was a Nessy in the lake we wondered if it would come out to say show itself. Believe or not, I snapped this photo and later looked at and found a faint image of Nessy gliding along the lake. Perhaps is was the Nessy Dark Lager the wait staff served on board? What ever it was I know that Nessy lives, believe it or not!

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